Our Center is the oldest active yoga studio in South Florida. The Yoga Center in Deerfield began 45 years ago by a young yogini, Gail Teichmann. Dotty Zevin, E-RYT200, was the Director of the center for 27 years. In 2016, Louise Goldberg, E-RYT500, became the new director.  Today the Yoga Center is a place teeming with different kinds of yoga classes for every day of the week. Day and night classes include Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Restorative, Stress Reduction, Gentle, Beginners, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Balance and Strength, Yoga for Back Strength, Children's Yoga and Feldenkrais.

Our teachers come from all different backgrounds of yoga. All are Registered Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance. The touchstone of the Yoga Center is the Teacher Training Program.  JoAnn Evans, E-RYT500 has been the Director of Teacher Training since 1988.  The program begins every Fall.

"The Yoga Center of Deerfield Beach is more than a yoga studio - it is a historical landmark of our South Florida yoga community. It is a treasure trove of experience, devotion, and integrity in the life and practice of the yogic path." ~ Silvana Soleri

Teacher Training

Our 200-hour certification course resumes October 7, 2018. This in depth, comprehensive course by certified teachers provides hands on training, instructional materials, individual guidance and exploration of all aspects of Yoga. Click HERE for more information.

Our Teachers

Our team has over 160 combined years of experience teaching Yoga.

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Class Schedule

Classes are offered every day of the week. Newcomers are welcome to attend any class. We encourage you to try different classes to find the one that works best for your needs.

As Seen in Yoga Journal

"Thank you for the timely directory (“Yoga Resources,” Jan/Feb ’05). I recently visited my mother in Florida and checked the issue for a yoga studio nearby. I was so fortunate to find the Yoga Center of Deerfield Beach. The studio was pleasant, the teachers warm, the atmosphere welcoming, and the classes personalized. I would never have found this great place otherwise.” As written to The Yoga Journal (June, 2005) by Martha Roth, New York, NY

Our Philosophy

Our Center is dedicated to the philosophy of Oneness. A single common thread connects us all. We recognize and honor the unique sacredness of each individual. We serve to bring harmony, balance and peace within ourselves, benefitting the greater community as a whole. We embrace this transformation thru spiritual practice, sacred selfless service and unconditional love. Our goal is the union within each student of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.