Our Schedule

Newcomers to yoga are welcome to attend any class. We suggest you try different teachers to find the class that works best for your needs. We encourage you to trust yourself and what your body feels willing and able to do on any given day.

Single classes are priced as indicated. Passes are available in books of 10 for $120, or 5 for $65. Please note, evening classes that are 1 hour 15 minutes are $12 or class pass and Sunday evening's class is 90 minutes and cost $15 or class pass.

If you have any questions about a specific class or if you want more information, please contact us.


9:30-11:00am     Hatha YogaBeth Johnson$15
11:30-1:00pmGentle YogaLouise Goldberg$15
2:30-3:30pmConnected Warriors
(for Veterans and family only)
Angela VanHemertFree
4:00-5:30pmPostures, Breathing & Meditation ToolsLinda Gross$15
6:00-7:15pmYoga for Back HealthAngela VanHemert$12


9:30-11:00amHatha YogaJoy Weissman$15
11:30-1:00pmStress ReductionJoAnn Evans$15
2:00-3:00pmFeldenkraisIris Alsheh$15
4:30-5:15pmKids YogaLouise Goldberg, Jane Charland, Adrienne Bardes$10 ($8 for each sibling)
6:00-7:15pmHatha Flow Dotty Zevin$12
7:30-8:45pmYin YogaMelissa D'Errico$12


9:30-11:00amHatha YogaElizabeth Pankey-Warren$15
11:30-1:00pm Gentle YogaKat Danio$15
6:00-7:15pmYoga for Core Strength and BalanceJane Charland$12


9:30-11:00amHatha YogaLouise Goldberg$15
11:30-1:00pmGentle YogaBryna Cain$15
6:00-7:15pmYoga BasicsChristine Apter$12


9:30-11:00amHatha Yoga Anusara-InspiredChristine Apter$15
11:30-12:30pmRestorative YogaChristine Apter$12
1:00-2:30pmTai ChiIngrid Berthiaume$15
6:00-7:15pmGentle Restorative YogaJane Charland$12


9:00-10:30amHatha YogaJoAnn Evans$15
11:00-12:30pmGentle YogaCharlene Wilkinson$15


5:15-6:45pmYoga on the Wall (first Sunday of every month)Sabah$15
5:15-6:45pmHatha-based Yoga FusionSabah$15

Class Etiquette

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your class.
  • Do inform your instructor if you have any injuries.
  • Refrain from eating an hour and a half before class.
  • Wear comfortable clothes; leave your shoes at the door.
  • Turn cell phones off before class starts.
  • Please refrain from wearing fragrances in consideration for those with allergies.
  • Bring a towel or a mat.