Yoga and Meditation for Chronic Pain with Carol Stehl

Saturday, January 15;  Time: 2pm-4pm via ZOOM ONLY – $35

Description: If you are one of the 20% affected with Chronic Pain in our world, consider joining this workshop. In addition to the physical pain associated with this condition, chronic pain triggers changes in brain structure that are linked to depression, anxiety, and impaired cognitive function. Research shows practicing yoga and meditation benefits the brain, peripheral nervous system, immune function (and much more), and can relieve chronic pain.

After a brief review of the research behind the benefits of mind-body practices for chronic pain, participants will be guided through a gentle yoga practice specifically designed for chronic pain, including breath-work (pranayama), poses (asana) and a guided meditation. Students will receive tips for at-home practices. Please bring two to three blankets and yoga blocks to your space for the workshop, if available. 

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15 Jan 2022


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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