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NOW OFFERING Corporate or Private Event Sound Baths

With Melissa D'Errico E-RYT500, YACEP, Sound Healer, Reiki Master Teacher

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Looking to infuse greater mindfulness into your workspace? Sound Meditation lies at the heart of our diverse programs designed to unlock elevated potential for both leadership and teams. The combination of crystal and Tibetan bowls, and a blend of instruments replicating sounds from nature, accompanied by guided meditation, facilitates the shift of brainwaves from an active state to a relaxed one.

Research from Harvard Business School highlights meditation and intuition as two highly effective tools for modern executives. Sound meditation, specifically, offers the same advantages as traditional meditation but with the simplicity of allowing soothing vibrations to envelop you. This effortless experience leads to a quieting of the mind, creating a pathway to access heightened intuition.

This calming and enlightening experience is ideal for enhancing the sense of community in the work place. In addition to the corporate benefits, our exclusive group sound baths bring a unique flavor to personal gatherings and celebrations.


Photo by Julie Davis-Dow. 

Thanks to The Karate Kid, a whole generation of Americans has been somewhat misled about the ancient healing art of reiki.

“It’s actually not a laying on of hands,” explains reiki master Melissa D’Errico, refuting the climactic scene where Mr. Miyagi refreshes Daniel’s injured leg through the power of touch. “It’s more like a hovering of hands. You hold your hands above the body and move them around, trying to find areas where there’s blocked energy.” When your hands start to tingle or feel hot, D’Errico says, “you deliver loving energy to that area and move the blockage out of the way.”

D’Errico was introduced to reiki as a teenager by her father. He, in turn, trained under the great William Rand, who brought reiki to the United States 40 years ago. But despite her impeccable tutelage, D’Errico needed many years to truly believe in her abilities as a healer. What held her back?

“I was born without my left hand,” she says. “So I just thought, ‘I’m probably only half-good at this.’”

Convinced that her congenital limb difference was disqualifying for such a handsy discipline, D’Errico only practiced reiki on herself until her late 20s, when her infant daughter was suffering with a stubbornly clogged eye duct. Medical treatments had failed, and surgery seemed like the only option left. Then D’Errico thought: Why have I never tried reiki on her? She spent two hours encouraging energy to flow through her daughter’s body. The next morning, her astonished husband reported that the baby’s eye had cleared up.

“That’s when I started to realize, ‘I can really do this,’” she says.

She’s now a full-time reiki teacher and practitioner at Radiant Healing Hearts (, treating clients for anxiety, eating disorders, depression, trauma, and other maladies. “Some people come in with physical pain, too,” she says, “but most are dealing with emotional pain.” Although D’Errico has never worked with anyone who’s adapting to limb loss, she has practiced on many people facing spinal cord injuries, cancer, scoliosis, and other serious health challenges.

“When you do treat an amputee, you treat the whole body, as if the missing limb is still there,” she says. “There’s so much stuck energy there that’s not processed yet.” Although reiki can’t bring your limb back, she adds, it can ease your distress and help you adapt.

Reiki definitely has helped D’Errico come to terms with her own limb difference. “My practice is no different from someone who has both hands,” she says. “I practice as though my missing hand is there. It is there, energetically. We all have this energy within us. It’s about learning to harness it and choose what direction you want it to flow.”


Meditation Made Easy with Melissa D'Errico

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Starting a meditation practice can feel intimidating, especially if you're unsure of what to do exactly. Melissa is gifting you a Free 30-day Trial to AURA by clicking her special access link above. Follow Melissa D'Errico on Aura to find her meditations, sleep stories, and full-length Yoga Nidra Meditations.

AURA offers a vast collection of meditations, narratives, and soothing natural sounds contributed by wellness experts from around the globe. These resources are designed to assist you in achieving better sleep, minimizing stress, and enhancing concentration, all within as little as 3 minutes.

Should you fall in love with AURA and choose to subscribe annually, Melissa will personally donate 10% of your 1st year's subscription to an organization that is near and dear to her heart! The Lucky Fin Project celebrates the wonderfully made "One Lucky Fin” by creating a support network for parents across the U.S. and around the world, linking parents to medical information and resources, and providing education on limb differences.

If you know someone who could benefit from the AURA App please pass along the same link for their FREE 30-day trial.


Louise's Interview with Kids Yoga Therapy of Australia

You don't want to miss this interview! Click HERE to watch the interview. Louise Goldberg is the original mind behind using yoga for children with Autism & Special Needs. Louise started her journey 35 years ago and is a wealth of knowledge which you'll hear. She is a certified Yoga Therapist and author of 'Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs' and 'Classroom Yoga Breaks'. Louise also offers training courses worldwide and continues to work with various organizations, schools, and families to ensure they have the skills to benefit children.

All the way from Florida USA, Louise provides some incredible tips when introducing yoga to children with Autism and Special Needs at home and within the classroom.

If there was going to be someone to learn from or take advice from within the field of yoga therapy for children, it is Louise. It is a privilege to of had access to her and this just speaks to the woman she is. After 35 years her passion for helping children is obvious.


Instagram Live Interview about the Nicole Yoga Pro Tool with Melissa D'Errico

Visit here to watch an Instagram Live with Melissa D'Errico and Shannon Crossland from across the pond with Koalaa Soft Prosthetics. Here they discuss the NEW Nicole Pro Yoga Tool and their steps towards healing their own body, mind, and spirit in a more accessible and encouraging way. Click HERE to have a listen. #limbdifferenceawareness
At Koalaa, our users are the driving force behind our innovation. By amplifying their voices, we gain a profound understanding of their unique needs and aspirations. This enables us to create prosthetics that go beyond comfort and affordability, offering intuitive designs that empower users to approach tasks in new and innovative ways.

Huffington Post Interview - Why You Should Urge Your Child’s Teacher to Have Classroom Yoga Breaks

By Meryl Davids Landau

When my kids were in Montessori Elementary School, I used to teach yoga as part of PE. But when I heard that yoga expert Louise Goldberg advocates for short, mini yoga breaks once or more in the school day, I knew she was onto something even better. Yoga movements help kids focus, relax, and feel good about themselves, so of course kids should do a few each day. Now, Louise has made it easy for teachers to give students basic direction. Her new book, Classroom Yoga Breaks: Brief Exercises to Create Calm, features photos of poses, clear instructions—and lots of research about why teachers should want to do this. The book makes a great gift for your own children’s teachers because it will not only assist your child now, it will be a gift that keeps giving for years to come.


Huffington Post Interview - Why You By Mer

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