“After years of taking classes at the Yoga Center of Deerfield Beach, I am so happy now to be able to Zoom into Yoga. Waking up and walking into my living room to do yoga, which is about ten feet from my bed, is the best. This way I can attend 4 classes a week with many different teachers and styles and not have to fight the morning traffic. Although I do prefer to come to the studio for special classes, I hope we will always have Zoom.”

Lynn E. – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I am a fairly new yogi at the Yoga Center of Deerfield Beach. I was suffering with heel spurs which were very painful and really limited my ability to exercise and do my daily walks.  I started the gentle yoga class and after only a couple of sessions, my heel pain was almost diminished! I felt so much better and was able to do my walks and other weight bearing exercises without pain. The gentle yoga stretches and advice from Louise were excellent!”

Ann D. – New York

“As a somewhat older women, I was pleased when the gastroenterologist commented on how strong my abs are and asked if I did ab exercises every day. I replied, “No, I do yoga. “ So many thanks to the Yoga Center and Louise for helping to keep me strong, flexible and healthy!”

Shelley S. – Boca Raton, FL

“I've been practicing yoga for over 20 yrs. I started going to the Deerfield beach yoga center in 2016 and zooming classes since our world shut down. The instructors assist the students in their poses in the studio and on Zoom. The yoga instructors at the Deerfield Beach Yoga Center have taught me so much about my body, inside and out. When I leave the mat I incorporate what I’ve learned into my daily life and pass it on to others.

Camille D. – New York

"This is the best yoga center in South Florida. If your looking for a true Hatha Raja yoga experience, both the philosophy and the asana this is the place to go.
This center has been here for years. The teachers are all excellent and well-trained in both yoga philosophy and the best teaching techniques.

No gym yoga here. They offer an excellent teacher training program as well as many additional activities to promote the yogi lifestyle. This center is truly a life-changing experience. I highly recommend you give a class a try."

Tamara T. --Prior Lake, MN

"I felt very comfortable and welcome here as an absolute beginner, though many students have been practicing here for years. Very peaceful atmosphere. They are legit, truly an establishment in the yoga community, not trying to cash in on any trends."

Mark F. -- Providence County, RI

"I almost didn't want to write any review.. because I've been to many studios in the past that made me anxious with how crowded their classes were, but I can't help saying that this place is the best if you're interested in the relaxing, calming type of yoga-- not the intense or quick/workout type, which I personally can't stand. 

So, this studio always has just enough space where I don't feel squished, and they are the nicest ladies ever. You always have to try several teachers though to find the one whose style you love the most, which I did 🙂 I love their Gentle Yoga. I love how all their teachers have been doing it for decades.  

I dislike many younger girl teachers who just kind of bark and yell instructions at you in a bored voice, like their heart isn't in it, like in many big cities I tried classes at. Even at classes said to be "gentle", I almost never did yoga again because of them. But I found this. The teachers here = sweet, helpful, and great people who really care about their students and are the best I've ever had. If I were a teacher I'd want to be just like them. I went here when I was beyond depressed, stressed out, and in unexplainable pain, and it helped me feel a little better."

Amie B. -- Deerfield Beach, FL

"I was visiting family in South Florida and was hoping I could find a good yoga place. A friend recommended Yoga Center and I was so pleased with the place! Even as an out of towner I felt like I'd been going there for years. An excellent, warm environment and great people."

Pete S. -- Providence, RI

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